Alex: Hey Nelson! Do you know what you have to do?

Nelson: Yeah. I know what I have to do. I know my lines.

Fast forward:

Nelson: I know I know it looks pretty bad but it’s not my fault for burning down the school you see Mr Carffathatholis gave me a detention for playing with the Bunsen burner in class. (9th one this year) so I thought I would teach him a lesson for a change. So, you see it wasn’t my fault it was Mr Carffathatholis’ fault. You know he had it coming?….right?

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I got an A on my homework.

Today I got a dog

And today I lied straight to your face.

You see I only tell the truth once a week and only to you.

Oh, and I love your shoes.

And that’s the truth.

I lie once a week

and I always tell the truth

even when I am not supposed to

Did I mention today is opposite day?

Well, I guess I lied.

Oh and I love your dress it looks cute on you.

By Rebecca

I am better than Roger Federer at tennis.

It’s not a lie.

I have breakfast with a talking soccer ball,

in a 6 star hotel.

I invented talking and moving.

I invented language,

and I invented gravity.

I saw a pig flying, eating bacon.

Sausages speak Latin.

Flowers speak Mandarin.

Pineapple is the world’s longest word.

I am made of gold

and I own a dog.

I own Microsoft and Sony.

My friend owns Gucci.

Unicorns come from Europe.

Italian food is from Australia.

America is made of Lego.

The capital of America is Walmart.

I play soccer.

It’s all true, except for the last one.

by Zavier

I like soccer.

Messi is my favourite

soccer player

I play under 11’s

    my coach told me 

   to stay longer so 

       I can play under 13’s.


I always encourage

my teammates even when

they make a mistake.

  I  like

      to make


I like doing stepovers.

Stepovers is when you put 

your leg around  the

ball so that the 

opponent thinks you’re

going one way then  

you go the other way.

            I love dribbling.


            is when you’re 

          running with 

the ball.

I like to body feint.

Body feint is when you 

put your weight on

one side so the opponent thinks

you’re going one side then

you go the other side.         

        Curl  is  when  you

kick  the  ball

       in  a  certain  way

                                 so that it can change directions.


is  when  you

kick  the  ball

and  while

it’s  in  the  air

it  changes


Ping is when you

    quickly kick the ball

     but instead of your 

            foot following through,

               it stays where the ball is.

             The ball goes straight up

   and forwards fast,

          people don’t expect it.

By Tyler

12.15 pm and I’m tapping my legs

I’m craving activity

Energy, action, excitement

But I’m trapped here, having a lesson

Anything but this.

I thought of the ‘one eighties’ back in Brisbane.

Spinning 180, 270, 360 until you reach the top.

Just spinning­­­

You could go horizontal but that is slow.

You could go zig-zag,

where you are fast and efficient.

I reach the top, my fingers grip

over the dusty edge

Climbing up on to the roof

I feel invisible

no-one ever looks up

I feel unknown.

Michael Yr 12 2019

by Iris

Coco the  cat joined Iris’s swimming  lessons.

Iris  asked  Coco,  “Do  you  like  water?”

Coco  shivered  and  said, “NO.”

“Well jump out of the car.  Now  we are  here.”

The  teacher yelled,  “Go  in  the  water.  Do  20  laps  NOW!” 

Everyone  went  in  the  water  but  not  Coco.

Coco  said,  “I  am  not  going  in.”

The  teacher  said, “If  you  don’t  do it drop  and  give  me  100.”

“Um  I  can’t,”  said  Coco.

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When we got to the dance Coco was so happy.

We went in the door but then we saw a sign that said, “No Animals Allowed!”

Then we thought about what we could do.

We found a solution, and it was to put disguises on.

“Come on Coco. We have to act natural.”

After we stretched we went into the dance.

I hope no-one knows its Coco.

Coco was the best dancer!

Is this like a thing, cats are the best dancers?

Oh oh! Someone started coughing.

Then the teacher asked, “Are you ok? Are you allergic to anything!”

“YES! Cats!”

Then Coco ran out the door as fast as she could.

By Iris

She peed and poohed in my room.

Why not my sister’s room? “Ahh!”

She used all my money just on food WITHOUT TELLING ME! (she is going to jail)

Last morning when I woke up she put a spider on my face and I got so scared I screamed as loud as I could.


I woke everyone up in the town.