Writing by students in Year 4

Lorikeets were all white birds; they were accustomed to getting picked on for how white they were.

One day a lorikeet went for his morning fly, flapping his wings in the breezes. Out of nowhere, he saw a rainbow! He’d heard a story; if you go through the rainbow you will get colours.

He thought, “It’s a white lie.”

He was in a hurry. He dashed through the rainbow.  

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by Iris

Coco the  cat joined Iris’s swimming  lessons.

Iris  asked  Coco,  “Do  you  like  water?”

Coco  shivered  and  said, “NO.”

“Well jump out of the car.  Now  we are  here.”

The  teacher yelled,  “Go  in  the  water.  Do  20  laps  NOW!” 

Everyone  went  in  the  water  but  not  Coco.

Coco  said,  “I  am  not  going  in.”

The  teacher  said, “If  you  don’t  do it drop  and  give  me  100.”

“Um  I  can’t,”  said  Coco.

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When we got to the dance Coco was so happy.

We went in the door but then we saw a sign that said, “No Animals Allowed!”

Then we thought about what we could do.

We found a solution, and it was to put disguises on.

“Come on Coco. We have to act natural.”

After we stretched we went into the dance.

I hope no-one knows its Coco.

Coco was the best dancer!

Is this like a thing, cats are the best dancers?

Oh oh! Someone started coughing.

Then the teacher asked, “Are you ok? Are you allergic to anything!”

“YES! Cats!”

Then Coco ran out the door as fast as she could.

By Iris

She peed and poohed in my room.

Why not my sister’s room? “Ahh!”

She used all my money just on food WITHOUT TELLING ME! (she is going to jail)

Last morning when I woke up she put a spider on my face and I got so scared I screamed as loud as I could.


I woke everyone up in the town.


This is the T shirt

that tucks in the shorts.

This is the saddle

that holds the horse.

This is the sun

that brightens the beach.

This is the pillow

that comforts the couch.

This is the plate

that holds the roll.

This is the food

that feeds the doll.

This is the cup

that holds the tea.

This is the Milo

that fills me.

This is the finger

that fits the ring.

This is the song

that the children sing.


By Siena