Writing by students in Year 6

What is your dream young man?

Would it be the art of soccer?

A famous player running on excitement and nerves, audience watching.

Or could it be the art of guitar playing?

On a big stage, music vibrating, audience having fun?

Drummer, singer, bass, you’d make a great band.

Oh, I know what it is….

A fabulous car racer?

                    Let’s go! What car will I have today?

Ahhh, Ferrari?

                    Nah too flashy.

Ahhh Lamborghini?

                    Nah even more flashy,

How about an Aston Martin?

                     I’ll take that.

And after this?

                    I will drive in my new Aston Martin.

 By Zavier




Let the festivities begin.

                                       You are one of 4.5 million watching this game.

The greatest game on earth.

   It’s all about the football!

Here is Tyler Davies.

The man who scored the winning goal in the world cup final.

Tyler is warming up.

And the game begins!

The first attack of the evening.

Boyd takes the ball.

Tries to shoot.

Tyler intercepts.

He shuffles the ball.

He’s enjoying the game.

Tyler does a step over

then a fake.

We’re 5 minutes into the game…

and Tyler stumbles!

He falls!

The crowd roars!

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I am better than Roger Federer at tennis.

It’s not a lie.

I have breakfast with a talking soccer ball,

in a 6 star hotel.

I invented talking and moving.

I invented language,

and I invented gravity.

I saw a pig flying, eating bacon.

Sausages speak Latin.

Flowers speak Mandarin.

Pineapple is the world’s longest word.

I am made of gold

and I own a dog.

I own Microsoft and Sony.

My friend owns Gucci.

Unicorns come from Europe.

Italian food is from Australia.

America is made of Lego.

The capital of America is Walmart.

I play soccer.

It’s all true, except for the last one.

by Zavier

I like soccer.

Messi is my favourite

soccer player

I play under 11’s

    my coach told me 

   to stay longer so 

       I can play under 13’s.


I always encourage

my teammates even when

they make a mistake.

  I  like

      to make


I like doing stepovers.

Stepovers is when you put 

your leg around  the

ball so that the 

opponent thinks you’re

going one way then  

you go the other way.

            I love dribbling.


            is when you’re 

          running with 

the ball.

I like to body feint.

Body feint is when you 

put your weight on

one side so the opponent thinks

you’re going one side then

you go the other side.         

        Curl  is  when  you

kick  the  ball

       in  a  certain  way

                                 so that it can change directions.


is  when  you

kick  the  ball

and  while

it’s  in  the  air

it  changes


Ping is when you

    quickly kick the ball

     but instead of your 

            foot following through,

               it stays where the ball is.

             The ball goes straight up

   and forwards fast,

          people don’t expect it.

By Tyler