Year 10

Conversation with Bullies

He said, “I’m going to knock you out!”
He shoved me.
He punched me.
He kicked me and said, ‘F… you!”

Next time I will scream out, “Don’t punch me!”

He punched me.
He said, “Don’t snitch.”
He put ink on me.

Next time I’ll say, “No, I’m walking to class.”‘
I’ll say, “Look everyone!
He is bulling me.”

He threw jam on me.

They laughed at me.

Next time I’ll walk away.

They chased me with a pin.
Next time I’ll shout, “He is threatening me!
Stop threatening me!”

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  1. The student who composed this poem was diagnosed with autism as a pre-schooler.
    He did not begin socialising with his peers until he was in Year 7.

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