Year 4

Boogie Board Day

It was 10 foot barrels. I loved it and doing 360’s in the barrel.
This guy saw me on my Boogie Board and he said, “Do you want to go to Hawaii to represent Australia in a Boogie Board contest?”
So I went to Hawaii for the Boogie Board competition.
We landed in Hawaii.
“The waves were so big!”

I just wanted to get in there.
I did a 360 in the air. It was awesome. I loved it .

We went to buy another Boogie Board just in case my other one broke and 15 blocks of wax and 100 surf stickers. It cost $1000.

I got back to the motel and I put wax and 50 stickers on my board. Then it was dinner time so I went down to the buffet.

I woke up at 4.30 in the morning. I got my two Boogie Boards and went down to the beach. My first race was against USA Richard Reed. I got on the first wave and did a barrel on it and 360 on it. I got a ten. It was awesome. Then Richard Reed did four 360s on the wave. The score was 10 to 8. It was very close to the end.

A 50 ft wave came. On that wave were 20 BLUE BOTTLES. 10 went on each board. We were stung everywhere. It “HURT LIKE HELL” but I had to keep going. We both got the wave. It was a barrel. We both got a 10. So the final score was 18 to 20. I won! “YES!” I caught a wave in and cheered with my arms up above my head!

I went in the next round I had to play NZ. Someone beat me 50 to 49. It was so close.

I went back to the motel and packed all my stuff. I went back to Australia. Everybody was there. I had to have the police next to me because I was so famous. I went home in the police car. It was awesome.

The End

BY Awesome Baxter


Dad and I surfing
5am and 3pm
In the 5 foot waves

by Baxter


Yesterday I went out the back to surf
Among pro surfers

By Baxter

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