How The Lorikeet Got His Colours – by Iris

Lorikeets were all white birds; they were accustomed to getting picked on for how white they were.

One day a lorikeet went for his morning fly, flapping his wings in the breezes. Out of nowhere, he saw a rainbow! He’d heard a story; if you go through the rainbow you will get colours.

He thought, “It’s a white lie.”

He was in a hurry. He dashed through the rainbow.  

When he got to the other side, he was astonished to find that he had colours!

He called his bird friends saying, “Look, I have colours, look, I have colours!”

All of the birds thought he was a parrot. He flew all over the place saying, “I am a lorikeet, not a parrot!”

He perched on a branch and thought, “What can I do? He thought and thought. After all that thinking, he had an idea:

He would go through the rainbow again and maybe he would become white again!

He closed his eyes and flew through the rainbow.

But sadly nothing happened.

White Lorikeet by Iris

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