“Braque’s Muse” 2022

36 cm x 14.5 cm – Collage on canvas board

“Bridges” 2022

58 cm x 76.5 cm – Oil and collage on cotton duck

“Lagoon” 2022

19 cm x 27 cm – Oil and collage on canvas board

“Cyclist Framed” 2022

28.5 x 36.5 cm     Acrylic, collage and pastel on plywood     

Acrylic, collage and pastel on plywood

“Colonial Outpost” 2022

49.7 x 63.7 cm    Oil on canvas mounted on board       

Polyphony – Woman and Car in Newtown     2022

“Polyphony” 2022

51 x 51 cm Oil and collage on polyester                                

Walking Man in Enmore 2022

20.9 x 12 cm     Oil and collage on primed paper                    

“Out of Time” 2022

  51 x 63.7 cm   Oil and collage on canvas mounted on board                            

she walks in Beauty 2022

34 x 19.5 cm Oil, acrylic and collage on canvas board                    

woman in doorway 2022

27 x 14.5 cm       Oil and Canvas board                                         

Everyone come listen to this. I’ve got a story to tell you like you’ve never heard before.

I was just 13 years old and I was going to school in Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes Mum would pick me up after school, sometimes I’d catch the bus but my Dad never picked me up.

But on this particular day it was Dad who came.

When I got out of class and had walked to the exit gate, he was there waiting for me as if it was perfectly normal.

“Hi Dad,” I said and punched him on the arm like I always did..

“G’day sunshine,” he responded, and punched me on the arm like he always did. Just then a stranger in a black suit came up to me. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a white tie.

“He looks like he’s from the movie MIB,” I thought.

 “I hear you interested in traveling at near the speed of light,” he said, his voice a Keanu Reeves husky bass. 

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