Fang is my newest pet so far. He’s a spotted python. He’s not going to do me any damage. There is more chance I am going to see a flying unicorn than him kill me.

Sometimes Fang joins my maths lessons. During the maths lessons he slides about on my hands and he climbs my head and goes down my shirt. I feed him one mouse each week on Thursdays.

It was a big day when he tried to eat a fuzzy mouse for the first time. (They’re a lot bigger than pinky mice.) It was a big success! It took an hour but he did eat the mouse. He opened his mouth as wide as my mouth when it is stretched wide open. It took 4 days for him to digest.

I would love to have lots of snakes. If I had to choose it would be an albino spotted python. If you want creepy pets you can get sharks, scorpions, or tarantulas. Do not under any circumstances catch any snakes found in the bush.  Someone who was a snake catcher died. So do not!Fang

By Levi

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