Everyone come listen to this. I’ve got a story to tell you like you’ve never heard before.

I was just 13 years old and I was going to school in Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes Mum would pick me up after school, sometimes I’d catch the bus but my Dad never picked me up.

But on this particular day it was Dad who came.

When I got out of class and had walked to the exit gate, he was there waiting for me as if it was perfectly normal.

“Hi Dad,” I said and punched him on the arm like I always did..

“G’day sunshine,” he responded, and punched me on the arm like he always did. Just then a stranger in a black suit came up to me. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a white tie.

“He looks like he’s from the movie MIB,” I thought.

 “I hear you interested in traveling at near the speed of light,” he said, his voice a Keanu Reeves husky bass. 

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Essay by Merrick Fry 2020

You see the figures in the street. These are real people engaging with each other

In Newtown. There is a fusion of social groups with complex styles. I can almost see the brand of sneaker that man has on his feet. That young woman is pretending she has not noticed the guy having a quick look at her bare legs.

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I was going to turn around and take the pup to the cave where my mate was waiting, when I saw the other  pup come out of the water onto the beach with a confused and perplexed face. The two pups were relieved to see each other and did this weird arm wrap around each other’s body and water leaked out of their eyes. The new pup looked different, it had blond hair instead of black like the other one and was more afraid and timid. 

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