I Go Hunting

I lick my lips just looking at it.

It’s so cute and tiny. I can’t wait until it’s in my tummy.

I looked back just a second ago but it wasn’t where I last saw it.

I’ve looked everywhere but there’s no sign of it.

I put my head in the hole, as far in as I can squeeze.

It looks at me. Then it dashes away. It is no longer there.

I think and think about what to do.

Then I know what to do.

I’ll put some food just out of its hole.

Then I’ll quickly put it in my tummy.

O.K. wait for it, then boom!! It is like lightning, so fast.

I can’t believe my eyes!

What! I never knew they were so fast with their little feet.

I need to do it one more time and the next time I’ll surely get it.

By Iris Best Bernecker

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