The Students’ Revenge

Alex: Hey Nelson! Do you know what you have to do?

Nelson: Yeah. I know what I have to do. I know my lines.

Fast forward:

Nelson: I know I know it looks pretty bad but it’s not my fault for burning down the school you see Mr Carffathatholis gave me a detention for playing with the Bunsen burner in class. (9th one this year) so I thought I would teach him a lesson for a change. So, you see it wasn’t my fault it was Mr Carffathatholis’ fault. You know he had it coming?….right?

Police and Mr Carffathatholis:

Police: So, Mr Carffathatholis are you the science teacher, correct?

Mr Carffathatholis: Yes, what is going on? Who burnt down the school?

Police: That’s what we’re here to find out!

Mr Carffathatholis: Ok then why are you asking me about this?

Police: Is it true you gave Nelson detention for playing with the Bunsen burner?

Mr Carffathatholis: Yes, but what does this have to do with the school burning down?

Police: Because he said he did it just to teach you a lesson.

Mr Carffathatholis: He said what!

Police: And he said it was all your fault for burning down the school!

Mr Carffathatholis: No, no, no, I … I, would what?

Nelson: I just wanted to say it was all Mr Carffathatholis’s fault for burning down the school today.

Police: Oh, ok thank you, Nelson. Then well Mr Carffathatholis you are now under arrest for burning down the school. Have you anything to say for yourself?

Mr Carffathatholis: What! What! This isn’t real! This, this can’t be happening… it, it just can’t!

Nelson: You get what you get for being a bad teacher then.

Class: Oh well have fun in prison Mr Carffathatholis. Hope you get on parole in 20 years.

Son: Oh, bye Dad. See you in 20 years then. PS: I’ll tell Mum to put it on our calendar for the 20th of May 2012 right?

Nelson: Ok guys, it’s done. Ok Tom, you’re up next. It’s now time to say, “Hi”, to the English teacher.

By Rebecca

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