The Greatest Game on Earth

Let the festivities begin.

                                       You are one of 4.5 million watching this game.

The greatest game on earth.

   It’s all about the football!

Here is Tyler Davies.

The man who scored the winning goal in the world cup final.

Tyler is warming up.

And the game begins!

The first attack of the evening.

Boyd takes the ball.

Tries to shoot.

Tyler intercepts.

He shuffles the ball.

He’s enjoying the game.

Tyler does a step over

then a fake.

We’re 5 minutes into the game…

and Tyler stumbles!

He falls!

The crowd roars!

Tyler picks himself up.

He’s back into the game.

Passes the ball.

Boyd intercepts.

Runs with the ball

in his mouth!

Believe it folks –

he’s running with the ball in his mouth!

Walks to the goal….shoots!



The border collie fans go crazy!

Boyd laughs!

The score is now 1 to 1.

It’s Tyler’s kick-off.

He’s dancing with the ball.

Boyd calls time out.

Takes a scratch break.

The crowd laughs.

Boyd takes the ball.

Tyler tackles…

holds the ball between his feet and jumps.

What’s that trick called?

Tyler scores!

Boyd’s kick off.

Tyler takes the ball.

He’s got great balance.

He’s got the balance of a ballet dancer.

Over the edge.

Boyd scores!

Davies United again.

Tyler shoots

and scores!

Here’s Boyd

taunting the opposition

Tyler kicks the ground.

He’s tap dancing!


Tyler falls.

He kicks the ball backwards.

Ref kicks the ball back on the field.

Boyd takes the ball

around the boundaries

Tyler scores!


Davies United possession.

Border Collies intercept

                        Boyd steals the ball.

Takes it in his mouth!

He’s putting it in his own goal!

                        Tyler tries to stop him.

That’s right he’s helping

the opposition!

            It’s no good

Boyd scores an own goal!

The Border Collie fans groan.

It’s 2 all.       

Davies United again.

Tyler shoots…

            And scores!

The score is 3/2

Davies leads by example.

Takes it off Boyd…

and scores!

Not the greatest goal you’re ever going to see

but a mightily important goal for Davies.

It’s 4/2

And the game ends.

And now it’s time to party!

We’ll be looking at celebrations

on the street!

By Tyler

Davies United Versus Scottish Border Collies

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