Corrina’s Story – Episode 2 – by Levi

I was going to turn around and take the pup to the cave where my mate was waiting, when I saw the other  pup come out of the water onto the beach with a confused and perplexed face. The two pups were relieved to see each other and did this weird arm wrap around each other’s body and water leaked out of their eyes. The new pup looked different, it had blond hair instead of black like the other one and was more afraid and timid. 

The pups seemed startled, not just startled from what had happened but startled by me as if I scared them. I took one step back and examined them, both were standing on their hind legs. They seemed to stand up like this normally. They also made weird sounds, not threat sounds or welcoming sounds, just sounds. Then one of the pups started to make this horrible noise. The noise made my heart hurt because it sounded like the shrieks that came out of my cubs as they took their last breath.

I started walking into the bush, the pups followed me, one seemed more brave and one seemed more fearful, but nonetheless they both followed me back to the cave where my mate was. He seemed confused for a second but then realised that they were cubs that were lost and he helped me take care of them. That night one of them slept with me while the other stood outside for a while before sleeping in the cave.

The next night I woke up and turned around to look at the pups, one of them was awake and relieved itself. I went out looking for food and came across a yellow wattlebird. This bird was big and fat so I pinned its head down and broke its neck, like a twig. I brought the bird back and the pups at first looked startled. I ate some of it, my mate ate some of it, but we looked at the pups and they were not eating. We were puzzled. Then one of them started eating the bird. The other one seemed disgusted by this act and could barely watch as the other one began gobbling up the remains of the bird. After the pup was done eating, the one that didn’t eat was angry and started making loud sounds, not threat yawns, but I could tell she was angry and disgusted. She stood up on her hind legs and walked away. 

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