An Apple A Day

Is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Is it true? Should I start to eat an apple a day? If I do what will happen? Let’s see what it says on Google:

  1. You will get very badly sick
  2. You will turn into an apple
  3. You will be unable to eat any food, other than apples.

Well, Google is definitely wrong so let’s start to eat an apple a day.

So, I started to eat a fresh juicy apple every day,

it started off marvelous, but

cross my fingers and hope it will still be good later.

Its been about 1 week of me eating an apple a day it’s getting boring! I don’t feel so well … zzz….

What date is it? Where am I? It was 2019 last time I checked on my blue phone. What! Its 2020! I have been in a coma! OMG! I am so old! There’re probably more new fashions! No, no and everyone probably has a boyfriend “No!” my life is over now!

Wait I know how this happened… it’s the imbecilic and simpleminded apple a day!

By Iris

15/2/20, 22/2/20

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