Dinosaurs’ Favourite Food by Max

Diplodocus likes broccoli

Triceratops likes carrots

T Rex likes hotdogs with ketchup

Spinosaurus likes sausages

Stegosaurus likes ice cream

Giganotosaurus likes beef

Woolly rhino likes hay and oats

Acrocanthosaurus likes hamburger

Pterodactyl likes cheese on toast.

On no!

It will make him sick.

Take him to the Dino-hospital.

Allosaurus likes sausage meat

Cryolophosaurus likes banana

Dilophosaurus likes strawberries

Ceratosaurus likes toast with Jam

Carnotaurus likes Cheese on toast too!

but it will not make him sick.

He likes to eat yum num num.

By Max 16/2/20


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  1. Wow Max! You know a lot about Dinosaurs. I’m glad non of them like to eat people. Fantastic writing and drawing.

  2. Yum! You made me feel so hungry! Great writing! Thanks for sharing this!! What food is next?

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