Intergalactic Car – The First Tale – By Zavier

The first stretch will be vertical   

rumbly, loud and bad   

but I will have noise cancellation 

in my ergonomic pilot’s seat.

I won’t hear the car explode 

but you will. 

The Goddess of the Ocean

Awakened by the noise 

appears out of the waves 

a shark crown on her head

looks to the left and sees

the car ready for launch.

She sees who’s in the cockpit 

And screams out in dismay

“Get out of that ship right now!”

You must be tough

to fight G-forces. Like taking off 

in a passenger jet but 100 times worse.

Your face collapses in mid-air 

Like ice cream melting off your skull.

It will be terrifying

The force of a gazillion 

megatons of TNT exploding

behind you.

Heart pumping like metal music

A rock band in my chest.

The count down in my helmet

Duration 10 to 1     

The Goddess of the Ocean

will be petrified for me, 

a giant water monster with 

her eyes made of fear

Holding her breath in case the engine 

runs out of fuel and I fall……



by Zavier 
Intergalactic Car by Zavier


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