The true story of how Zavier got to travel at near light speed. by Zavier

Everyone come listen to this. I’ve got a story to tell you like you’ve never heard before.

I was just 13 years old and I was going to school in Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes Mum would pick me up after school, sometimes I’d catch the bus but my Dad never picked me up.

But on this particular day it was Dad who came.

When I got out of class and had walked to the exit gate, he was there waiting for me as if it was perfectly normal.

“Hi Dad,” I said and punched him on the arm like I always did..

“G’day sunshine,” he responded, and punched me on the arm like he always did. Just then a stranger in a black suit came up to me. He was wearing dark sunglasses and a white tie.

“He looks like he’s from the movie MIB,” I thought.

 “I hear you interested in traveling at near the speed of light,” he said, his voice a Keanu Reeves husky bass. 

You used to meet some colourful characters on the streets in Sydney back in the day, so I smiled and turned away.

“Ah ha ha, idiot,” Dad muttered as we walked away. “Let’s go home and play Forza.

Best car game in the world.

When we got to the carpark, the same man was standing by our Porsche 944.

“How does he know it’s our car? I asked Dad. “And how did he get there before us?

“Don’t worry mate,” said Dad “He’s a turkey.”

 “That’s not very nice to turkeys,” I said.

The man stood there waiting, as cool as ice.

When we got closer, he said, “I really would like to talk to you about, ah, what is an exciting opportunity for the right person, and you could be that right person.”

Dad says, “Look mate, I don’t know who you are or who you represent but I really think this has gone far enough. I suggest you leave us alone.”

IgnoringDad he asks, “Would you like to talk about it at the local café?”

 “No,” I answer.

Then he says, “I’ll buy you a milkshake. Your choice of flavour.”

I’ve gotta take it. “Ok,” I say.

 ‘Ok,” says Dad, “I don’t like it but… we’ll meet you at Bar Italia

in five minutes.”

I loved Bar Italia, the best Napolitana in Leichardt.

Dad was a fast driver but when we got to the café the man in black was already there.

“What’s this about?” asked Dad. “Are you for real?”

“Here’s the thing,” says the guy. “My boss back in the US just recently launched the Starship prototype.”

“You’re joking! The Starship prototype? Your boss is Elon Musk!?”

“Yeah, who else would it be,” he answered, and smiled a smug self-satisfied smile. “And if you’re interested in space flight and breaking the speed record of all time you might like to come with me on Elon’s private jet?”

I went like, “Oh yeah … why not?”

“How much will it cost us?” asked Dad.

“For free pal, you and your family can come too.”

“We’re in,” said Dad, “but I’ll ask your mother first Zavier.”

It goes without saying that Mum said, “Yes.” She’d do anything for me.

Two hours later I was sitting on the Bombardier Global Express in my own luxury entertainment setting. You Tube, Netflix, Gaming console and Napolitana pasta, wearing a brand-new pair of Jordan’s, complements of the host. Read it and weep baby.

I loved it, every minute … 19 hours and 24 minutes in paradise.

Meanwhile Mum and Dad were happy drinking their $800 bottle of Dom Perignon 1998 and Mum was watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral” on one screen while Dad was watching live EPL soccer on his screen.

We arrived in Vegas and were greeted by the man himself.

Elon Musk, in person. 

“Zavier mate,” he said, “would you like to come in the limo with me and meet X Æ A-Xii?” (Ashet)

“Is the Pope Argentinean?” I replied.

When we arrived, a great black gate opened to reveal a 4-story mansion shining like diamonds in the sunset.

As we drove up the drive, I counted 4 luxurious swimming pools, one with a 20-meter diving board. I couldn’t believe it, but it was as real as the day is long in Greenland at the height of summer.

I was feeling pretty excited. “How much excitement can one person stand in one day?” I wondered.

Just before we went into the house, Elon turned to me and asked, “You wanna look at my car collection before dinner?”

“Hell yeah! What are waiting for?”

He opened the triple garage door and, “Voila!” Hundreds of splendid cars lined up…the best cars in America!  Bugatti’s, McLaren’s, Porches, Lambo’s, Ferrari’s and of course, the Nissan skyline collection.

Fancy cars, cool cars, English cars, German cars, Japanese cars and American cars. This was my dream come true.


“Pick one for a drive tomorrow.”

This was not an easy task – not easy at all.

“I’ve been in a Skyline,” I said pointing at the grey R4, “and a McLaren,” I said, nodding in the direction of a white McLaren Senna “and a Porsche, but I’ve never sat in a Bugatti.”

“You’ve got it son,” he said, and we turned toward the door. 

He showed me to my bedroom. The room was the same size as my house in Sydney.  There where paintings that cost in the millions by Vincent van Gogh and Monet. The mattress cost $1.5mil. It was a magnetic floating bed.

“Is it really floating?” I asked and slid under the bed to see if it was true. “Wow!” 

“Get comfortable, dinner is in an hour, do you like pasta?”

“Of course!”

An hour later I met up with my parents on the 3rd floor lounge room. We took the lift down to the ground floor. The elevator doors opened and we saw the dining room. At least I think that is what you’d call it.

There were tables and chairs but that was the only thing that was ordinary about the room. The walls and floor were surrounded by built in fish tanks.  Sharks, stingrays, clown fish, angel fish, coral and many more varieties of marine life flowed swam bubbled around us wherever we looked. We saw Elon in a wet suit swimming with a shark, he looked up at me from beneath my feet and gave me a thumbs up. Now I’m a pretty calm fellow but when I see a billionaire swimming with a shark under my feet, I go a little bit crazy.

“Wow, Elon, can I join you? I shouted.

Mum said, “Not yet. First comes dinner then comes fun.”

The main colour in the room was blue but so many tones of blue, it was like being in the ocean at different depths and in different light conditions all at the same time.  You could see the light patterns flicker across the floor. I stood still, surprised, and astonished and whistled, not knowing which way to look next.

Twenty minutes later Elon came to the bar and sat next to me. “Let’s eat!” he said. The chef brought a huge plate of Napolitana pasta, the sauce a bright red, and the pasta as yellow as the sun. “Looks like a work of art better then the ones in my room.”

“Don’t say that about van Gogh Zavier,” said Mum.

“Let’s see if it’s better than yours Mum,” I said and laughed.

It was soo good that I scoffed the rest of the plate and ordered seconds.

“Time to talk business,” Elon told me …..”You’re here on a business trip Zave.  Do you mind if I call you Zave?

“You can call me whatever you want as long as I get to ride in that Bugatti tomorrow.”


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  1. A new author in waiting! Well done! I like the imagery in the main room paragraph.

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